2022 Calendar

2022 Calendar

The 2022 Calendar photo contest is a wrap! Many thanks to all who submitted entries! Your photos were amazing!

Thirteen were selected from all of the entries, representing an array of Andalusians, Lusitanos, S/P’s, Part-breds, stallions, mares, and foals!

The cover winner was selected by the number of “likes” on social media. Congratulations to all the photographers, owners, and breeders whose photos were chosen!

If you would like to pre-purchase additional copies of IALHA 2022 Calendar, please complete the form below, and either:

  1. print and mail with check to the address found on the bottom of the form (it would be helpful to us if you would email the form as well and so we know that you’ve dropped an order in the mail),
  2. email the form to info@nullialha.org with the credit card information completed (alternately, you may email the form and call the office with your credit card information – 205-995-8900), or
  3. email the form to info@nullialha.org and request a paypal link by email.

Call or email with any questions!