International Andalusian & Lusitano Horse Association

2022 IALHA Member Handbook

You’re invited to be a part of the 2022 IALHA Member Handbook!

Many business owners have invested marketing “dollars” and energy in social media and websites. Those things are important, however the sheer vastness of the web can also make it difficult for new clients/customers to find you!

People often don’t go past the first page of internet search results. If a search proves to be difficult, many will give up or decide that the top results are the only available. 

Given these realities of marketing today, doesn’t it make sense to create a reliable resource for people to find what they are looking for?

In past years, IALHA Handbooks were hugely successful and one of the most valuable marketing tools that farms, trainers, and Andalusian- or Lusitano-related businesses utilized on a yearly basis.

Advertising in the IALHA Handbook is the PERFECT invitation to potential customers to visit your website, learn who you are, and what you have to offer.

• Membership Listing 
• Executive Committee & BOD Listing
• 2022 Events 
• 2021 IALHA National Show Results
• 2021 USDF Year-End Results 
• 2021 USAWE Year-End Results
• Ranch/Farm Brand Directory
• Patron Pages
• Membership Benefits
• Advertisements from both IALHA Members & related equine businesses!

A printed handbook will not only help members find and network with other members, but gives people looking for horses a way of locating what they’re searching for: producers, trainers, artists, photographers, events!

Additionally, people just beginning their journey with our breeds will be able to access the Handbook digitally, extending the reach of your marketing investment!

Please take some time to review our media kit, and contact Heather Hiller with questions or to advertise.  

We are so excited to bring back the Handbook and support our members in this way and hope you will consider helping us make the IALHA Member Handbook the valuable resource we know it can be.

Contact: Heather Hiller | 88 Dragon Design & Photography Studio
Publisher of the IALHA 2022 HANDBOOK