2022 USAWE IALHA High Point Results

2022 USAWE IALHA High Point Results

Congratulations to the 2022 USAWE IALHA High Point Award winners!  We applaud your hard work and dedication in this sport that Andalusians and Lusitanos are so well suited for. Your commitment to excellence is inspiring!

Katie Stearns and Drogo SSA (Dorado R x Tahiti) and Bob Lawson and dom do Nico (Sonho HM x Vicunha do Arete)

 Katie shares that she “found Drogo through some horse archery friends and have owned him since he was 5 months old. Until this last year he had only done trail riding and horse archery. He is turning 8 this year and I hope to participate in more disciplines in the years to come, as well as work our way up the Working Equitation levels. Drogo is an incredibly versatile horse, and has been a steady partner in anything we try together! Our first Working Equitation show was in December 2021, and a year later we went to the Zone Championships in December 2022. In 2022 we also did a few limited-distance endurance rides and participated in a cowboy ranch race. I also currently own three of his offspring, all palominos like their father, and I look forward to taking them to shows in the future.”

The IALHA is proud to partner with USAWE to recognize our members and horses who achieve this accomplishment.

Find out how you can be a contender for this award in 2023.  It is a great opportunity to showcase your horse’s talents and accomplishments in Working Equitation!  IALHA-registered horses and current members are eligible.  Visit https://ialha.org/programs-awards/ and https://usawe.org/competitions/awards-programs/  to learn more.