2023 Impact Awards Call for Nominations

2023 Impact Awards Call for Nominations

It’s that time of the year again when we come together to celebrate the remarkable individuals and equine companions who positively impact our community. The IALHA Impact Awards honor those who contribute to the success of others, the equestrian industry, and the breeds.

Each year, this award recognizes outstanding contributions in various categories, including IALHA Member, Trainer, Youth, and Farm/Ranch/Producer. The horse categories are IALHA-registered purebred Andalusian, purebred Lusitano, and half-bred horse.

We are thrilled to announce the opening of nominations for the 2023 IALHA Impact Awards. The awards will be presented at the highly anticipated IALHA National Championships and celebrated across multiple IALHA platforms.

The nomination process is simple and heartfelt: Just share the profound impact the candidate has had on you, our community, our industry, a sport, or a discipline (or even multiple areas!). Let their remarkable story shine through with details that showcase the depth of their contribution. If desired, you may also attach up to 2 additional supporting documents.

For instance, when nominating an IALHA member, youth, trainer, or farm/breeder, highlight how they have:

  • Served as a remarkable ambassador for the association,
  • Represented our community with positivity and grace,
  • Made a significant impact on a group or individual, or
  • Excelled in a specific sport or discipline, epitomizing the spirit of the IALHA.

For those nominating a horse please share:

  • The awards or recognitions the horse has received,
  • How they achieved distinction in a specific discipline(s) or sport,
  • The successes of their progeny, and/or
  • Any other relevant achievements.

Portions of the nomination write-up may be used in the winners’ biographies, and winners will be requested to provide at least one photograph and a short biography.

This year, we encourage all current members to either self-nominate or nominate fellow deserving candidates. For our talented youth members (aged 18 and younger), we are excited to see the bright future they represent.

Download and fill out the application below:

Once you have completed the nomination form, kindly send it to info@nullialha.org or print and mail it to IALHA 22 Inverness Center Parkway #155 Birmingham, AL 35242.

Let us unite in acknowledging those extraordinary individuals and horses who make a difference in our association and exemplify the very essence of the Andalusian or Lusitano breed. Nominate today, and let their exceptional contributions shine through!

Hurry, as nominations will close on Monday, September 4th. Don’t miss this opportunity to celebrate and recognize those who enrich our community!

Thank you!