2023 WDAA High Point Winner Fantasia AT

2023 WDAA High Point Winner Fantasia AT

Fantasia AT and Diane Davitt: A Remarkable Partnership


In November of 2022, Diane Davitt embarked on an inspiring journey with Fantasia AT – affectionately known as Tasha. Tasha, a 2007 Spanish mare imported from Canada, was destined for the world of USDF dressage competition at 1st and 2nd Levels with a youth rider. Sired by the illustrious Invasor III, Tasha
displayed talent in the sport, and competed successfully, placing in the top ten at level 2 Regionals.

 Tasha’s path took an unexpected turn when she was diagnosed with melanoma tumors in her mouth. After treatment and a lengthy rehabilitation process, Tasha emerged with a newfound resilience, though traditional dressage was no longer an option due to the sensitive nature of her condition and the possibility of irritating the tumor sites which made riding with a bit not recommended.




Enter Diane Davitt, whose expertise in western dressage, showcased through her successful campaign with an APHA gelding, caught the attention of Tasha’s former owners. Proposing a lease option, they invited Diane to explore the possibility of partnering with Tasha. A trial ride sealed the deal, and Diane embarked on a journey with Tasha under a care lease arrangement.

Under the tutelage of trainer Kristen McDonald, Diane and Tasha delved into western dressage, initially with a bosal and later transitioning to a cross-under style bitless bridle – the two bitless options allowed in WDAA Western Dressage. After only a few months and successful shows, Tasha became a permanent member of Diane’s family.

Their bond strengthened and the partnership flourished. Fueled by their success, Diane and Tasha set their sights on traveling from Florida to compete at the prestigious 2023 WDAA Western Dressage World Championships in Guthrie, Oklahoma.


 All their hard work and preparation under the expertise of Kristen McDonald was rewarded with an excellent performance.  They clinched the Title of World Champion Western Dressage Hack, Reserve Champion Level 1, and High Score Andalusian!


 Their triumphs continued at the Western Dressage Association of Florida’s Annual Show, where they claimed the coveted titles of Grand Champion Level 1 and High Score Andalusian.


 With their sights set on new horizons, Diane and Tasha have already secured their place at the 2024 WDAA World Championship Show.  We’ll be cheering them on and watching for great things from this duo!