2022 Impact Awards – Call for Nominations

2022 Impact Awards – Call for Nominations

…for the 2022 IALHA Impact Awards!

it’s time to lift up those in our midst who make a positive contribution to our community. Each year the IALHA Impact Award program recognizes those who support the success of others, our industry, and the breeds – both people and horses.

Awards are given to IALHA Member, Trainer, Youth and Farm/Ranch/Producer. The horse categories include IALHA-registered purebred Andalusian, purebred Lusitano, and half-bred.

We are seeking nominations for the 2022 awards which will be presented at the IALHA National Championships and celebrated across multiple IALHA platforms.

It’s easy. Here’s how:

Just describe the Impact the candidate has had on you, our community, our industry, a sport or a discipline (or more than one!). Tell their story. The more detailed the better.  If desired, up to 2 additional supporting documents may be attached as well.

For example, if nominating member, youth, trainer or farm/breeder describe how they
– have acted as an ambassador,
– represented our association in a positive light,
– had a positive impact on our community, or
– represent our association in a specific sport, or discipline, etc.

If nominating a horse (purebred Andalusian, purebred Luistano, or Half-bred IALHA registered) share:
– the awards or recognitions has the horse received,
– how they achieved distinction in a discipline(s) or sport, or
– How their progeny have been successful, etc

At least one photograph and a short biography will be requested from the winners. Portions of the nomination write-up may be used in biographies of the winners as well.

All current members can nominate themselves or be nominated by another member. Youth members are those 18 years old and younger. Candidates who are not selected may be re-nominated for the same or another impact award the following year. Any IALHA registered horse is eligible.

When complete, send the form to info@nullialha.org or print and mail to IALHA 22 Inverness Center Parkway #155 Birmingham, AL 35242.

We hope you’ll nominate someone who’s making a difference in our association or that horse that exemplifies the Andalusian or Lusitano breed so they may be recognized with an IALHA Impact Award.

Nominations will close on Monday, September 5th, so don’t delay.

Thank you!