2023 Calendar Cover Story

2023 Calendar Cover Story

This lovely image of Camelio ANG II and his owner Stacy Adams was selected as the IALHA 2023 Calendar Cover. It was captured by photographer Karen Duplantis, Fiore Photography.

Equally as lovely as the cover photo is a story that Stacy shares about her “Cam”.

The Magic of Cam the Andalusian Used to Raise Support for Mary’s Home

This story began with students wanting to come see my beautiful Andalusian stallion, Camelio ANG II. (Cam). So many requests were made in fact, that I decided to invite them all to come over at the same time. When I couldn’t remember who all had asked, I just invited all of my students, not wanting to forget anyone.

Well, that turned out to be about 275 people who showed up! Numerous photos were taken with Cam. I charged visitors a few dollars to participate in the event. When all was said and done, we had brought in about $350. We felt compelled to donate this to Mary’s Home. We got involved with Mary’s Home back when my youngest son Jacob did his Eagle Scout Project. Since then, we have done a little something for them each year. I am proud to say that his Eagle Scout Project keeps giving, as my son is now 21 years old and 6’3″.

Since everyone had such a fabulous time, we decided to repeat this event the following year in 2021 and to purposely raise money for Mary’s Home. We added a few extras to add to the experience, (BBQ, farm animals to pet, pony rides, cotton candy, music, games, and students acting as vendors to get their feet wet in their entrepreneurial skills). This resulted in an attendance of approximately 450 people and a donation of $1,000 to Mary’s Home. Cam once again was a star attraction and adorned numerous family photos. The magic and splendor of the Andalusian is undeniably breathtaking. To see families and numerous children drawn to him wanting to have their picture taken, pet, or just be near him makes my heart smile. I feel so blessed to share him with others in such a powerful and meaningful way. He makes people feel special as he has a gentle and magical way of connecting with each person.

This year, 2022, Cam adorned over 100 photos in two days, drew a crowd of just over 500 people and we raised a grand total of $4,000 to donate to Mary’s Home. This is totally my passion…this event is full-circle. It allows adults and young people the opportunity to explore their entrepreneurial spirit, homeschool parents to take this project as far as they want from marketing analysis to spreadsheets tracking expenses and ROI, volunteers to stretch and learn leadership skills, troop advancements, volunteer hours for scholarships, high school graduations, etc…, safe, family fun for all. It operates like a farmer’s market, so all guests aren’t there at the same time, so it never feels crowded or chaotic. The vendors were asked to donate what their hearts told them to donate. All guests, vendors, and volunteers come together to make a difference in the community. All moms and kids from Mary’s Home were invited and came for free and lunch was provided for them.

Camelio lives with his best friend, Teller, who is a 23-year-old gelding. He loves to trail ride, swim, and participate in parades and other community service events. Cam also shows both western and English dressage, and working equitation, and enjoys sorting cattle and liberty work. He has participated in a fox hunt and an endurance ride to help round him out and keep me happy. Camelio is a mobile throne, and he has unparalleled majesty, nobility, bravery, and unique talent. I absolutely love and adore the Andalusian breed who defies myth and brings his unrivaled legacy to me, the modern equestrian.                               

  • Stacy Adams, Owner, Victory Farms Andalusians, Colorado

“Mary’s Home is a safe haven for women and children escaping cycles of poverty, abuse and homelessness in Colorado Springs. We offer transformational education and coaching for single mothers seeking to build a stable life and career. We form lasting bonds with the women we serve, offering a healing environment, supportive journey, and a pathway to professional success. Our cross-generational and holistic approach helps women and their children develop critical learning and coping skills so they can grow and thrive.”   


Karen Duplantis has been photographing horses and their owners since 2009 under the business name Fiore Photography. She lives with her husband on their ranch, Fleurting Rose Ranch in Colorado, where they host clinics and take care of their beloved horses. Karen first saw and fell in love with the Iberian horse in 2012 while shooting Lusitano stallions in Florida. Since then, she has traveled to Portugal three times, in addition to Iceland, Morocco, and California on many occasions pursuing her love for equine photography. She owns a PRE/ Oldenburg cross mare and recently purchased her second Lusitano mare. She practices classical Dressage and Working Equitation. Camelio has been a muse for her several times; she calls him her “godchild”. The perfect example of a PRE stallion, he is a frequent visitor at Karen’s facility and is always welcome due to his exemplary temperament! Karen is honored to have her beautiful silhouette of Camelio and Stacy chosen for the IALHA 2023 calendar; believing it to be a poignant example of the friendship between the Iberian horse and its owner. Karen is pictured with her first Iberian horse, Qiosera TSF, IALHA registered, in a lesson in the pouring rain. PC to Lisa Harding of Cavallo Photography.