2024 National Show Cover Art

2024 National Show Cover Art

The cover art for the 2024 IALHA National Championship Show, was one of four chosen as finalists from among the amazing entries in this year’s art contest, and then selected by vote from the gorgeous finalists. The Golden Q was created by the same artist whose work was on this year’s program cover Anthony Valentino Robinson!

Artist Anthony Valentino Robinson, hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, has cultivated a career marked by a passion for painting. He spent time at the Cleveland Institute of Art but found his most profound education in the annals of the local library’s Fine Arts section, where he immersed himself in the works of the great masters.

In particular, Robinson draws inspiration from luminaries such as John Singer Sargent and Diego Velázquez, renowned for their spontaneous yet expressive brushwork. Their influence is a defining element of his artistic style, as he strives to infuse his work with their energetic spirit. He also pays tribute to artists like George Stubbs, Alfred De Dreux, and Alfred Munnings, for contributing to his foundation in equestrian art.

Robinson’s artistic journey spans many years, during which he has passionately painted horses and other animals in both personal and commissioned projects. His creative portfolio extends to the publication of books and calendars featuring his captivating work. With an enduring love for art and a respect for the masters who have inspired him, Robinson’s creations are a testament to life’s beauty, captivating all who encounter them.