International Andalusian & Lusitano Horse Association

Nominations are now open for the IALHA Officers and Board of Directors for the 2019 Election cycle. All those elected will take office on January 1, 2020. The following positions are open for election:

Vice President



Region 1 – One position

Region 2 – One position

Region 3- Two positions

Region 4 – One position

Region 5 – One position

Region 6 – One position

Region 7 – Two positions

Director at large – Two positions

Registry Board – One-year position

Registry Board – Three-year position

Nominations open as of the posting of this announcement and close June 28, 2019.

Please note all requirements for office as written in the IALHA Articles and ByLaws available online at ialha.org, all membership, ownership, and service requirements must be met at the time of nomination.

Please use this form to nominate people for elected office in IALHA. Note: there are specific qualifications that must be met for someone to be eligible for office, and per the IALHA Bylaws, these requirements must be met PRIOR TO NOMINATION.

Please refer to the introductory email for open positions and eligibility requirements, as there have been some changes since the last election

For any other specific information regarding term length and position requirements, please refer to the IALHA Bylaws available on www.IALHA.org or write to elections@nullialha.org to have a copy sent to you.

The following multi-year seat is not open for the 2019 Election: President

Although the Elections Committee will work in conjunction with our office staff and Treasurer to confirm eligibility, please check with all people you are nominating in advance to be sure they meet the requirements for the position.

You will fill out one nomination form for EACH person you are nominating. When you are done filling out the form for the first person, you will have the chance to ‘go back to the form’ and fill it out again if you would like to nominate additional people.

And, yes, you MAY nominate yourself!