IALHA Registry

IALHA Studbook & Registry

The IALHA registry is dedicated to the preservation of the bloodlines of Spanish (Andalusian/PRE) and Portuguese (Lusitano/PSL) horses in the United States. This trust has been taken seriously since the founding of the first registry in the United States in 1966. The studbooks of the two mother countries were the foundation of that first registry. In 1995 the IAHA and AAHA were combined to create IALHA. At that time, ALL the horses in the studbooks of both registries were methodically verified to ensure that the studbook of the new IALHA Registry was absolutely accurate and served as a solid foundation.


Each registration application is carefully reviewed by our registry specialists for all necessary elements.

After receipt of photographs, DNA analysis, parent verification, and permanent identification (through microchipping and/or branding), the application is sent to the IALHA Registrar and a Registry Board member for final review.

If the horse has been imported, or has parents not registered with IALHA, the paperwork is reviewed by the IALHA Registrar and all Registry Board members.

Following approval, a Registration Certificate of your IALHA registered horse will be mailed and your horse entered into the studbook.

IALHA - Andalusian Horse Registration Forms
Half-bred Horse Registration


The IALHA also maintains a half-bred Registry. Horses eligible for this registry must either have two IALHA registered half-bred parents, or one Purebred parent crossed with any other breed. Half-bred IALHA registrations receive the same level of scrutiny as purebred registrations before being approved and issued a Certificate.

Iberian Performance Horse Certificate

Horses that do not meet the purebred or half-bred registration requirements, but have verifiable Iberian Bloodlines, may be eligible for the Iberian Performance Horse Certificate.

Andalusians and Lusitanos pass along their amazing athleticism, temperament and beauty when crossed with other breeds, and this provides the opportunity to document this influence.


The IALHA Registry Board and staff diligently uphold our Registry rules and processes to ensure that the registration papers we issue are of the highest quality, guarantee the purity and identity of each horse, and accurately document its breeder and owners.

This is why the reliable IALHA Registration process and Studbook are respected around the world. You can trust that that an IALHA certificate you hold safeguards your horse’s value and his lineage can be traced back to the Horse of Kings.