August 2023 Calendar photo

August 2023 Calendar photo

It’s August! and this month’s IALHA Calendar photo of SA Bravata was taken by H&E photography – Erica and Howard Peet. As professional horse trainers, photography comes with the job. It is a skill used for promotion for the horse and owners and helps them share their passion for the horses.

This photo was taken by Howard while Erica was teaching some youth about driving, during a visit to their facility at Peet Equestrian.

“Driving is a wonderful way to share the horses with visitors. You can hand them the reins and let them experience it with the safety of having one of us right beside them to coach them along the way.” H & E Photography, Wonder Lake, Illinois

Bravata is owned by Sleeping Willow Ranch and was bred by Saul’s Andalusians

Fun Fact: Bravata’s grandsire Encantado XIII, sired Camelio ANG II who is featured on the cover of this year’s calendar!

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