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Breaking News

Do you have an ANCCE or APSL registered horse? Haven’t gotten them registered with IALHA yet?  You may still be able show at Nationals this year!

If you own a horse with registration from ANCCE or APSL and would like to compete in USEF A/L classes at the upcoming IALHA National Show, we’ve got great news for you. You can now secure a Competition Certificate.

This opportunity has been introduced in response to feedback from our exhibitors. Simply bring your horse’s ANCCE/APSL registration certificate to the show office.  One of our show management team will verify the horse’s ownership and identity by cross-referencing it with the ANCCE/ APSL registration. 

We will use a chip reader to scan and match the horse’s microchip number.  Also, please ensure that the ownership details on the registration are up to date. If not, be prepared to provide a bill of sale as proof of ownership.

It’s essential to note that if the registration is unavailable, cannot be verified, or if the microchip number doesn’t match or cannot be read, or if the horse’s current ownership cannot be documented, a Competition Certificate will not be issued.

The cost for acquiring a 2023 IALHA National Championship Show Competition Certificate is $300. In addition, we will also have paperwork and personnel on site to help in completing and submitting an IALHA registration application for no additional fee.

If you have questions about the Competition Certificate process or eligibility, don’t hesitate to ask.  email or call the office 205-995-8900.