The Breeds


The Original Dressage Horse

Imagine a horse that has been sought after by kings, warriors, and bullfighters for centuries. That’s the story of the Andalusian and Lusitano.

These horses are not only beautiful, but also highly intelligent and trainable. In addition to being majestic creatures with strong, arched necks, and long, flowing manes and tails, their athletic build and docile nature make them perfect riding horses. 

These attributes make them well-suited for a wide variety of disciplines and uses.  They are becoming the preferred mounts for Dressage, a sport that requires precision and grace.

“Equestrian authors have given unanimous preference to the Spanish horse and have considered him to be the best for the ‘manege’ work because of his agility and the strength of his hind legs, combined with their elasticity.

His natural cadence and pride make him the first choice for the pomp of the parade where he can display his grace and his nobility. His courage, combined with utmost docility is the foremost requirement for war on a day of battle.”

White Horse photo by Wojtek

"The ideal Iberian horse is noble in his demeanor, versatile in his ability and majestic in his appearance. Docile to the rider yet bold in all circumstances, he is energetic without ill-temperament, sensitive to the aids without hysteria, proud without arrogance and courageous without hostility. His body is both strong and flexible. Though refined and elegant, he is renowned as an easy keeper who has adapted to the toughest living conditions at the 4 corners of the Globe."