December 2023 Calendar photo

December 2023 Calendar photo

In the world of horse photography, Annemarie Field captures the essence of equine beauty with a focus on dressage and portraits. Our December 2023 calendar photo, is a photo she took of her own horse – the charismatic Lord Linus, a six-year-old half Lusitano gelding – whose charm resembles the iconic Peanut character he is named after.

What sets Lord Linus apart is not just his striking appearance but also his lineage—a blend of a regal Lusitano on his dam side and sired by the German Westfalen stallion Lord Leatherdale. This cross produced an exceptional equine partner, making every ride with Lord Linus an unforgettable experience.

Annemarie affectionately refers to Lord Linus as her “big dragon to train.” Through their journey together, Lord Linus has become more than just a remarkable mount; he’s a teacher, imparting valuable lessons to Annemarie along the way.

While dressage takes center stage in their equestrian pursuits, Annemarie envisions expanding their horizons to include trail riding and Working Equitation. Linus’ versatile abilities promise exciting prospects for new adventures beyond the dressage arena.

Lord Linus’s friendly nature is evident in the welcoming nicker each time Annemarie enters the stables, and this gentle giant has carved a place in the hearts of all who cross his path.

Annemarie, with a passion for equestrian photography dating back to 2003, has seamlessly blended her love for the art with her dedication to dressage. While specializing in dressage and portraits, her portfolio boasts a diverse array of equestrian disciplines, including hunter jumper shows, eventing, barrel racing, keurings, mounted cowboy shooting, and breed shows.

As a lifelong devotee of dressage, Annemarie aspires to continue her journey in the world of horses for as long as she is able. To explore more of her captivating work, visit ” 

  • Annemarie Field, Photographer and Owner of Lord Linus, Elverson, PA

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