February 2024 Calendar photo

February 2024 Calendar photo

Madelyn Bauer, owner of M.Bauer Creative, specializes in the art of photo/video and marketing tailored for sale horses, riders, brands, and barns. A seasoned professional in both riding and training, Madelyn infuses her unique perspective as a rider into her creative work.

The February calendar photo subject YCA Melchor entered her program over two years ago. Madelyn reflects “YCA Melchor has been a blast to work with. Being a rider myself, I believe it gives me a distinct advantage when capturing moments through the lens. This was evident in Mel’s sale photos, and perhaps a touch of bias, but he’s probably the prettiest horse I’ve had the pleasure of shooting.”

Madelyn takes pride in providing each of her sale horses with professional photos, a special touch that she thoroughly enjoys. She shares, “Doing an actual shoot of the horses creates a keepsake for owners. Adding a bit more ‘style’ and effort into the process makes it all the more special. After spending extensive time riding and training, seeing the culmination of that hard work in photos and videos is incredibly rewarding.”

Describing Melchor as a unique individual, Madelyn highlights his exceptional qualities, saying, “Mel is a special guy – a stunning horse with a HUGE personality! He always puts in his best effort and genuinely enjoys his job. A fun fact about him is that he never gets dirty, thanks to his metallic silver coat that seems impervious to sticking. It truly rocks.”

YCA Melchor is a 2011 purebred Andalusian Stallion (Magico x Diamante R) bred by Yeguada Canchola – Alva. He was owned by Bob Frick of Whispering Farms when this photo was taken, and is now owned by Anna Slawinski and Alex Holloman.

When it came to capturing Mel’s essence in photos, Madelyn faced a delightful challenge. She notes, “Mel’s photos were pretty special; he’s … a horse with a great personality. I had a really hard time choosing one photo to submit! I did my best to capture his silver coat and expressive nature. No photo can truly do him justice, though I believe I came pretty close.”

In Madelyn Bauer’s creative hands, the partnership between rider, horse, and lens becomes a celebration of beauty, personality, and the bond that makes each equine subject truly special.

You can learn more about Madelyn by visiting her on Social Media:  https://www.facebook.com/mbauercreative or her website:  https://www.mbauercreative.com/

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