International Andalusian & Lusitano Horse Association
2017 IALHA National Championship Show

2017 IALHA National Championship Show
October 10-15, 2017
Great Southwestern Equestrian Center
Katy, Texas

Buy 3 get 1 FREE!

That is correct…..if you buy 3 classes at the IALHA Nationals for a particular horse, then your fourth class entry is FREE! The IALHA show committee is committed to producing a great show in Katy, Texas this year at the Great Southwestern Equestrian Center. The show will run from October 10-15 starting with a breed dressage show on October 10, USEF classes from October 11-14, and Specialty classes for Lusitanos and a complete ANCCE show on October 15.

All classes are included in the buy 3 get 1 Free program.

Rules for the special discount of buy 3 get 1 Free.

  • The same horse must be registered and entered in all four classes.
  • The entries must be postmarked or e-mailed prior to midnight on July 31, 2017.
  •  The buy 3 get 1 FREE entry blank must be included with the regular entry form in order to receive the free class.

Buy 3 get 1 FREE now

Forms for the IALHA 2017 National Championship Horse Show

Entry Forms

for the 2017 IALHA National Competiion