Being a part of an equestrian team in the Rose Parade is a big commitment.  By submitting an application to join the IALHA 2025 Rose Parade Team, you acknowledge that if selected for the IALHA team application, you will communicate with the IALHA committee chair by email and will provide all information or items necessary for application by deadline.  Additionally, applicants agree that if the IALHA equestrian team is selected for participation in the 2025 Rose Parade, they will:

  • Make every effort to attend team meetings and attend the parade preparation meetings if possible (held by videoconference),
  • Communicate with the IALHA parade team marshal(s) by email (e.g. Replying to questions in a timely manner)
  • Provide all information or items necessary by deadlines (including but not limited to, horse health forms, description of vehicles, etc.)
  • Complete all forms and sign waivers required by the RP committee by the deadlines,
  • Obtain and/or submit required horse-related information by the deadlines (including but not limited to health assessments, stabling needs etc)
  • Participate as a member of the IALHA team during Equestfest
  • Possess the ability to provide supplies and transportation for self, horse and support person(s) to & from LAEC and to the staging area,
  • Comply with other requirements of the IALHA or Rose Parade Equestrian committee, including but not limited to shoeing, … etc)
  • Adequately prepare horse and self to participate in the rose parade, including condition, fitness and soundness, so that the horse and rider/driver   are a suitable representation of the breeds and are able to tolerate the parade route,
  • Adequately prepare horse through exposure and desensitization to the sights and sounds that may be experienced during a parade (including but   not limited to crowds, flags, gunfire, sirens, loud noises, large colorful vehicles, etc as well as walking on asphalt and in tight formation/close   proximity to other horses of various gender)

Additionally, applicants understand that this is a voluntary activity, coordinated and sponsored by the IALHA.  IALHA will underwrite the flowers (garlands, etc)  required for the team for the parade.  Other expenses (the $125 parade participant fee, lodging, meals, transportation, etc.) associated with Equestfest and the Rose Parade are the team member’s responsibility.  Once the team has been selected from among the applicants, IALHA will invoice the members for the $125 participation fee.

Finally, applicants acknowledge that if selected, they consent to be photographed and for the images to be shared on the IALHA website and/or social media channels.  Member will represent the IALHA well before during and after the Rose Parade, and not speak for the IALHA or IALHA Rose Parade Team when expressing personal opinion.  


It is best for each horse and rider/carriage driver to have a support person (who can also be a walker or rig driver). If you're a rider/driver and have a support person in mind, please indicate in the next field and have them complete an application. If you're applying as a support person for a specific rider/driver, please indicate which in the next field.