January 2024 Calendar photo

January 2024 Calendar photo

Captured by the talented equine photographer Carrie Wagner, this striking image featured in our January 2024 calendar is a testament to her 13 years of experience in the field. Hailing from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Carrie has made a name for herself by traveling the continent, participating in equine tours and workshops.

Carrie specializes in showcasing the dynamic power of competitive events and the bonds shared between riders and their horses. Her work, as exemplified by this captivating photo of Lendario, a 2015 Palomino Lusitano Stallion, beautifully captures the essence of equine art.

Lendario, is owned by Lisa King and was bred by the Couderlaria Quinta Oliveira Stud Farm in Portugal.

Carrie shares that she “got into Horse Photography 14 years ago when I got frustrated with the photos I was getting from my small camera of my horse. I went and bought my first DSLR Camera, and the rest is history”. Her passion extends beyond mere documentation; she finds joy in creating portraits of humans with their equine companions and transforming horse photos into unique pieces of art.

This particular image was captured in an indoor arena. Carrie sought a venue with streaming light, creating sunbeams that result in exceptional horse photos. hereye for lighting is evident in the play of light and shadows on Lendario, showcasing his majestic presence.

Carrie says she photographs horses of all breed but confesses a particular affinity for Baroque breeds, drawn to their presence in front of the camera.

Carrie Wagner Photography goes beyond traditional equine photography. Through her lens, Carrie not only captures moments but also transforms them into equine art. Her dedication to this craft is evident in each image, showcasing the timeless beauty of horses and the emotional connections shared between riders and their equine partners.

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