Apply to join the 2025 IALHA Rose Parade Team!

Apply to join the 2025 IALHA Rose Parade Team!

Be a part of something extraordinary!

The IALHA Board of Directors is excited to announce our intent to apply to take part in the 2025 Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena CA, on January 1, 2025.  Members are invited to apply to be a part of this unforgettable experience as we kick off our 30th anniversary year!

An IALHA Equestrian team most recently participated in the 2023 Rose Parade. See a photo album here.

Why Apply?

      • Represent the IALHA and showcase your passion for Andalusians and Lusitanos on a global stage.

      • Participate in an iconic event with a rich history.

      • Connect with fellow IALHA members who share your enthusiasm for Iberian horses.

    We’ll be assembling a team of approximately 9 riders and one carriage driver from the applications to participate in both Equestfest and the Tournament of Roses Parade.

    What We’re Looking For: 

        • Parade riders, a carriage driver, and walkers,

        • Support personnel, rig drivers, and booth ambassadors during Equestfest,

        • A variety of excellent representatives of historical and modern disciplines,

        • Horses and riders who embody the spirit of authenticity and excellence,

        • Individuals committed to teamwork, preparation, and representing IALHA with pride.

      How to Apply:

      Complete the IALHA Parade Team Application Form. Let us know about any parade experience you have and if you’re a rider or carriage driver, include your horse’s details, and the type of tack and attire you would bring to our diverse and vibrant team. 

      Participants will have the opportunity to be a part of a historic tradition, and most importantly, the chance to create lasting memories.  

      This is your chance to shine alongside your horse, showcase your expertise, and be part of a team that embodies the beauty of Iberian heritage. 

      Submit your application by the deadline and let’s make 2025 – our 30th year – unforgettable for the IALHA!

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