July 2023 Calendar photo

July 2023 Calendar photo

In July, the spotlight falls on Abastado Interago, a stunning dressage stallion with an extraordinary personality, captured by photographer Annemarie Field.

Abastado is a Lusitano stallion bred by Fazendas Interagro, was purchased at auction, and had a career in dressage. Renowned for his exceptional movement and captivating charm, Abastado’s career flourished until he retired on CharAn Ireland’s property, The Farm at Hephzibah Hill in Coatsville, PA.

The Passion for Equine Photography:

As a seasoned equine photographer with a profound love for horses, Annemarie has been capturing their grace and beauty since 2003…”and I’ve loved every minute of it. Though mostly focusing on dressage and portraits, I’ve done shoots at hunter jumper shows, eventing, barrel racing, keurings, mounted cowboy shooting, and breed shows as well.”  However, it is in dressage that her lifelong passion lies, which shines through in her work.

The Story behind the image:

Abastado was found serenely grazing in a picturesque field at the barn where Annemarie boarded her own horse. Struck by his regal demeanor, she rushed to her car to retrieve her camera, to seize the opportunity to capture his captivating presence… undeterred by the fact that Abastado had indulged in a playful roll in the mud,

When Annemarie embarked on editing the photo, she aimed to craft something special for Abastado. Inspired by a fairytale-like environment, she envisioned a scene that would accentuate his innate charm. It was during this creative process that the concept of blue bokeh—a technique that produces dreamy, out-of-focus orbs of light—came to her mind. The final result was a photograph that exuded an ethereal quality, perfectly complementing Abastado’s grace and enhancing his already captivating presence.

Even though Abastado appears immaculate in the photograph, his polished appearance is largely due to the magic of post-processing! Owners of gray horses will understand the challenges of keeping them pristine. Annemarie’s skillful retouching ensures that Abastado shines brilliantly in the image, allowing his natural radiance to captivate viewers.

Annemarie Field’s photograph of Abastado Interago is a testament to her passion for horses and the art of equine photography. Through her lens, she captures not just the physical beauty of the stallion, but also his spirit and presence. To explore more of Annemarie Field’s breathtaking equine photography, visit her portfolio!

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