July 2024 Calendar photo

July 2024 Calendar photo

Our patriotic July photo for the 2024 IALHA Calendar is the striking 2013 S/P stallion, Caminante 4R. Captured by his trainer, Fermin Gutierrez, this photo embodies the spirit of grace and power. Caminante was bred at El Rancho Las 4 Riatas and is proudly owned by Cruz Gutierrez.

Fermin shares, “Caminante was the first from the 4R breeding program that we decided to retain, and it was the best decision we could have made. His temperament and willingness to work have made it a pleasure to continue his training.”

Caminante and Fermin have achieved remarkable success – in Caballo Bailadores in particular – showcasing Caminante’s training and athleticism. They continue to show and captivate audiences across the DFW area with their skill and harmony.

This photo captures the elegance and strength of the magnificent Andalusian and Lusitano horses! Fermin states he always aspired to capture an image of a horse rearing while proudly showcasing the American flag, and this picture is a realization of that vision. It beautifully highlights the synergy between horse and trainer, and the patriotic spirit they both embody.

Do YOU have a passion for capturing the beauty of horses through photography? If so, the IALHA Calendar contest is the perfect platform for you to showcase your talent and share your love for these majestic creatures with a wider audience. The 2025 Contest has begun – so don’t delay – Find out more HERE!