March 2023 Calendar Photo

“Furioso, or Fuzzy as he is affectionately known, was born in 1989 bred by Gremlan Farms, and is one of the finest sons of Regaldo II.  He was trained to FEI level dressage and approved as a Spanish breeding stallion. He produced over 40 very athletic and competitive foals. He was known for his beauty and expression.  He was retired and then came to be ours ten years ago. Furioso is one of 7 horses on our farm but he is definitely the most photogenic of all.  He is a gentle, graceful, and intelligent boy who at 32 still loves to move and engage with the others.  He is a very accurate weather predictor, advising us when a storm is coming long before it arrives.
Fun Fact:  He prefers the company of donkeys to horses and has an inseparable donkey companion name Leonardo who he dotes on and waits for wherever he goes.

I live in Cochrane, Alberta with my spouse and extended family on a small farm.  The location allows me to indulge my love of animals which includes capturing them in photographs.  I am just elated to be included in the 2023 calendar. Fuzzy means so much to us and at his age we won’t have him forever so to have his photo out there in the world is very heartwarming.” 

– Laurie McDonald, Owner and Photographer