March 2024 Calendar photo

March 2024 Calendar photo

Della Smith, photographer for Ark Artistry, captured the March 2024 IALHA Calendar image of the Andalusian filly Rafaga WC. Della has spent over two decades capturing the majestic Andalusian breed. Reflecting on her passion for her work Della shares that she has “enjoyed photographing the Andalusian breed for over 20 years and every session has provided amazing results.”

Describing the allure of these photogenic horses, Smith explains, “Their nobility, beauty, and personality create the exciting opportunity of capturing their true essence.” It’s evident that her appreciation for the breed extends beyond mere photography; it’s a deep-seated connection to their unique spirit.

Recalling the photoshoot that captured the March 2024 image, Smith states, “In the case of the photo of Rafaga WC, we were working on a Christmas card picture and she was just off doing her own thing, so I took the shot as she just patiently stood awaiting for her time to shine.” Sometimes the unplanned moments can result in stunning images that capture the spirit of the subject!

Photographer, Della Smith

“Rafaga got her name for two reasons, as there are two meanings for that name,” explains Rafaga’s breeder Suzy Fisher of Walnut Creek Andalusian Ranch. “It can mean a gust of wind. There were 60 mph winds howling around the barn the night she was born, and that is the main reason I gave her that name.”

Reflecting on the dual nature of the name, Fisher continues, “It can also be a beam of light, which her bright color mimics.” Indeed, Rafaga’s radiant appearance seems to embody this second meaning, shining like a beacon amidst her surroundings.

Despite the elemental power suggested by her name, Fisher notes, “I just call her Windy now, which is ironic as she is a very calm youngster!” This playful contradiction adds a charming depth to Rafaga’s personality, blending the serenity of her demeanor with the imagery her name evokes.

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