May 2023 Calendar Photo

The May 2023 IALHA Calendar photo of Sha-Boom OSF was taken by Jeff Preis!

“Sha-Boom OSF actually goes by “Gustavo” because I already had a “Boom” in my barn! He’s 4 years old in this picture, and he was showing a displacement behavior with his mouth right before this moment. In an attempt to re-direct this behavior, I hopped, and this was his response! 

He is very “spicy”, but as it turns out, he actually had a melanoma in the joint capsule of his TMJ, which has now been removed. This is a good reminder that horses are never trying to be obstinate, but communicate with us the only way they know how. He’s feeling much better, but still spicy!” Deanna Preis, Owner, Freeburg, Illinois

Photographer Jeff Preis shares:  “I am a web developer that enjoys photography and
videography. Sha-Boom OSF and Deanna are my star clientele. I get complemented
on my photography but all I do is point my camera at pretty things and take