May 2024 Calendar photo

May 2024 Calendar photo

Meet Kim Belemjian, who captured Sarafina and her foal OFC Tango for the May 2024 IALHA Calendar photo. 

“Photography is a passion of mine and I only do it as a hobby. I am compelled to photograph animals whether they are in the wild, in captivity or just pets. The day we did the photoshoot with Serafina and Tango was such an amazing day and the horses were so well behaved.” – Kim Belemjian

Kim Belemjian’s passion for photography intertwines beautifully with her love for animals, especially horses. She had the pleasure of capturing the majestic Serafina and Tango during a photoshoot, an experience she describes as truly remarkable.

“My friend Kristal Oliver has trusted me with photographing her horses and I always jump up the chance to be part of her horse world.” – Kim Belemjian

“Dreams do come true…” states Kristal Oliver, Sarafina’s owner. “Sarafina was the first Andalusian mare that I bought. I had dreams of having a herd of them. She helped me accomplish that.”

Kristal reflects on the special bond she shared with her mare during the unforgettable photoshoot. “I pay tribute to her in making my dream a reality,” she reminisces, acknowledging Serafina’s pivotal role in fulfilling her aspirations of owning a herd of Andalusian horses.

Sadly, Kristal lost Sarafina last year. Despite that bittersweet memory, Kristal cherishes the moments captured by Kim during the photoshoot. “I am happy that I was able to do this photoshoot with her and I have Sarafina’s picture on my wall,” she shares, highlighting the significance of photographs as cherished memories of our beloved companions.

Do YOU have a passion for capturing the beauty of horses through photography? If so, the IALHA Calendar contest is the perfect platform for you to showcase your talent and share your love for these majestic creatures with a wider audience.

Annually, the contest invites photographers from all backgrounds to submit their finest equine images of IALHA Andalusians and Lusitanos – purebred and partbred. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity next year to have your work featured in the IALHA calendar and share your artistic vision with IALHA members and fans.