New program

New program


New Iberian Performance Horse Certification

The IALHA is pleased to announce a new program for horses with verifiable Iberian bloodlines.  Beginning on April 10th applications will be available on the website at

This program is for horses that carry Iberian blood but do NOT qualify for registration as a purebred or a part-bred Half. Horses qualifying would be:

   – a horse born from a registered Half and another breed

    – a horse born from two registered Half parents

To apply for certification you will need:

    – the DNA sample from the horse you propose to register

     – a microchip for identification

     – a completed application

     – an associate or above membership in the IALHA.

DNA kits, and microchips are available through the IALHA office and may be ordered through the application process.

It is the hope of the association that this will allow our beautiful Iberian breeds to be recognized even further for the athleticism, talent, temperament, and beauty they contribute when crossed with other breeds. Future opportunities for recognition, showing, and promotion will be announced as this program developments.

Click HERE to view the new application form!