International Andalusian & Lusitano Horse Association

Advertisers! Take a look at the new offers available in The Iberian Horse Magazine!

For Details, View the Full Media Kit Now

*New, Lower Prices!

* New 3 Page Center Fold-Out!

*Reach more viewers. Ads will be in the magazine, AND on the IALHA website!

*Space is limited though, so Premium Spaces will be first come first serve.

*The Cover will not be available to purchase for every issue. The IALHA will choose what to do with one. The FPSH will choose what to do with one.  The third Cover will be a joint decision of the IALHA and FPSH publishing committees. If it does come available to purchase, requests and the image must be pre-approved. Contact Erica for more info.

*The magazine is no longer being published by Lionheart Publishing. The IALHA and FPSH are taking over the process and this is how we are able to offer new prices.

*If you are interested in placing an ad, or submitting an editorial piece, contact Erica Peet, the IALHA Publication Committee Chairperson. You can reach her by email ialhapub@nullgmail.com or call her at   801-599-7845.

IALHA Discounts;

*Book all 3 issues. First ad is full price, next 2 are 10% off. Ad must be of equal or lesser value. Strict deadlines for different ad submission. Same ad will be run if different ad is not supplied in a timely fashion or late. No size upgrades.  Excludes Cover, back cover, and 3 and 4 page fold out.

*Show advertising discounts. 10% off to groups that advertise a show that IALHA or FPSH registered horses can compete at.  E.G. Working Equitation, World Cup, etc.

*15% to IALHA sanctioned shows– We support our regions.  E.G. ERAHC, BHTMW.

*Other discounts- We will offer discounts at the National Show, for those that want to announce show achievements or to congratulate someone. This will be for inclusion in Issue 3. Prices to be announced.

Material Deadlines are as follows:

Issue 1- April 10                    Issue 2- August 10                   Issue 3- December 10

View Media Kit in link above to learn more and find contacts.

Page Type New Prices
Cover $1,200 (If we choose to sell it)
Inside Front or Inside Back Cover $500
Full Page $300
2 Page Spread $550
Premium Pages- pg 1,2,or 3 $400
Center Spread- 2 pages $650
Center Spread- 3 pages (NEW) $850
Center Spread- 4 pages (NEW) $1,000
Back Cover $700
Horizontal 1/2 page $225
Vertical 1/2 page $225
1/4 page (NEW) $175
Business Card $50,  or 3 for $125
Stallion Listing, Classified $75,  or 3 for $200
Photo Classified- For Sale $60,  or 3 for $150