November 2023 Calendar photo

November 2023 Calendar photo

We are pleased to share the stunning calendar image for November 2023 of Sephiroth taken by the talented Jennifer Nagle of Amazing Experiences Photography. This breathtaking image captures the essence of a bond between horse and owner.

Jennifer, who has dedicated the last two decades to honing her craft, shares a glimpse into her journey as a photographer and her connection to horses:

“Amazing Experiences Photography has been a part-time business and hobby for me over the last 20 years, with my focus in travel photography, landscapes, horses, family pets, aviation, and flowers,” Jennifer’s experience across various photography niches showcases her diverse talents, making her the perfect candidate to capture this extraordinary moment.

Jennifer’s narrates her encounter with Sephiroth at sunset, working alongside his devoted owner, Morgan Wagner. Their bond is a testament to the connection that exists between horses and their humans. “The special bond they shared was evident in how he responded to her, and I feel so fortunate to have shared this moment with them.”

Jennifer reflects “I was the little girl who always wanted a horse but couldn’t have one. I’ve always loved horses, their power, their movement, and their relationship with their humans, but I’ve never had the space or time to have my own. However, I try to put myself in a position to be around them as often as possible and ride when I can.”

Jennifer’s dedication to being in the presence of these magnificent creatures and capturing their grace through her lens is evident in this photo. It not only celebrates the beauty of Sephiroth but also serves as an homage to the dreams and passions that drive Jennifer’s photography journey.

Sephiroth is a Spanish Stallion (Berraco x Viva la Fiesta), bred by Spanish Mount Farm.

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