October 2023 Calendar photo

October 2023 Calendar photo

Photographer Martin Hlavac has masterfully captured the authentic spirit of Ganador ARM, the majestic 17 H PRE stallion, in his remarkable portrayal as the devoted guardian of Princess Addison. 🦄

📸Martin’s unique expertise lies in the art of seamlessly integrating artistic backgrounds into his images,  weaving a compelling narrative around each photograph. Find more about Martin on his social media page.

In this heartwarming moment, we see the tender connection between the white unicorn Ganador and his Princess. With a soft gaze, Ganador lovingly lowered his head to meet Addison at eye level, having just shared an embrace with his gentle head and neck moments before this enchanting image was caught.

Ganador ARM, bred by Raul Armendariz, has been an adored member of the Latta/Amandalusian Farm Family since 2017, adding his grace and charm to their cherished fold. 💖

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Annually, the contest invites photographers from all backgrounds to submit their finest equine images of IALHA Andalusians and Lusitanos – purebred and partbred. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity next year to have your work featured in the IALHA calendar and share your artistic vision with IALHA members and fans.