Office Update

Office Update

Office Update for 2020 – Along with many other businesses and organizations in the nation and the world, we are closely monitoring the pandemic-related recommendations being issued by the CDC and how they impact your association. 

As you know, our offices are in Birmingham Alabama, so we are following the directives of the Alabama Department of Public Health and having frequent conversations with the staff themselves to determine policy.  Fortunately, with our small staff we are able to safely continue our work while also observing the current health orders issued by the ADPH. For the time being, we remain open, serving our members and focusing on how we can help. 

We are committed to being responsive to our membership and to maintaining the integrity of the studbook and registry. We are so grateful for our staff. They keep our organization running. And we are thankful for our community – our members.  You are our lifeblood and your support during this stressful time is more important than ever. Rest assured that we will continue watching, listening and learning and will keep you posted if our office hours change as local conditions evolve.

Our Facebook page, the website, and Newsbriefs are our primary lines of communication.  One of the themes currently heard from horse friends and IALHA members is that we now have the gift of time! A silver lining is that spending time with our horses can be incredibly grounding right now. 

Be well, stay safe and care for one another.  Thank you for being a member of the IALHA. 

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