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Samantha Dawn, a passionate equestrian and dedicated equine photographer, spends most of her year traversing the United States in pursuit of capturing the beauty of horses. When she’s not on the road, she enjoys spending time with her husband, dogs, and horses.

Samantha’s love for horses has been a lifelong affair, dating back to her earliest memories. From riding her family’s horses and engaging in barrel racing, breed shows, and working with cattle, to taking roping lessons, she has accumulated a deep understanding of horses, both in and out of the saddle. This profound connection with horses grants her a unique advantage in photographing them, allowing her to capture their essence.

Samantha’s journey as an equine photographer began when she stumbled upon a photo of the illustrious “RA Santiago” by the talented Suzanne, who was associated with Rothrock Andalusians. This encounter ignited her passion for Iberian horses and drove her ambition to become an equine photographer.

Born and raised in Central Missouri, Samantha initially focused on photographing quarter horses, barrel races, rodeos, weddings, and couples. She continued to pursue opportunities to shoot Iberian and Friesian horses, which she held in great affection. She started with Gypsy Vanner horses who became an early subject of her lens.

Her attraction to Iberian horses lies in their fire, boldness, and loyalty to their human companions, characteristics that inspire her and fill her with a sense of wonder.

Samantha considers herself fortunate to be in the company of these “horses of kings” and to have the opportunity to capture their souls through her photographs. Her mission is to shine a light on the power, strength, heart, and soul of these extraordinary creatures, bearing witness to the enchantment horses have held over humanity throughout history. Samantha aims to convey the  connection between horses and various art forms, including photography, drawing from her love for these majestic animals.

Samantha’s work has been featured in both national and international magazines. Her images have graced the covers and pages of publications such as “The Vanner” (USA), “Kentaur” (Sweden), “The Sidelines Magazine” (USA), “RidSport” (Sweden), “Snap’d Magazine” (USA), “The Gypsy Breed Connection” (USA), “The Welsh Review” (USA), and “TGCA” (UK), among others.

For Samantha, realizing her dream of collaborating with an association has been a goal she’s pursued for several years. Becoming a photography partner with the IALHA has fulfilled her aspirations. Breeders and owners of these remarkable horses have come to appreciate Samantha’s dedication to showcasing horses as both art and valuable promotion material. Samantha has dedicated years to working closely with Spanish and Portuguese horses and is excited to contribute her expertise to an association that passionately supports them.

Samantha’s journey takes her across the United States year-round, often booking appointments three to six months in advance. She also embraces international opportunities and welcomes new clients from around the world. 

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