Registry Changes

Registry Changes

Based on helpful input from our members, several registry changes were made this year that we are excited to share with you:

Half-to-half:  In January, the registry board proposed a change to the Bylaws which has been a member request for some time. During the Special Members meeting in March 2021, the membership approved the edit allowing the registration of the offspring of two IAHLA registered half-bred horses as half-bred. (Previously, at least one parent had to be purebred in order to register a horse as a half-bred.)  This will permit owners to register horses that weren’t previously eligible and allow breeders the option of developing the special traits of various Half Andalusian or Half Lusitano bloodlines.

Certificates:  the paper used for our Registry Certificates has been upgraded to a heavier weight (thicker stock) to better reflect the value of the horses we register.

Headers:  The headings on our Registration Certificates have been edited to more clearly indicate Andalusian or Lusitano bloodlines.  Members will notice that the certificate now specifies whether the horse being registered is of:

  • Pure Spanish Andalusian bloodlines
  • Pure Lusitano bloodlines
  • Spanish/Portuguese bloodlines
  • Half Spanish bloodlines
  • Half Lusitano bloodlines

We are also working on headers that indicate whether a horse is a half or 3/4 bred!

Future plans:  We are working on an online method for members to access information about their registration statuses and the horses they have registered with us.

All of these upgrades are things that members have requested and that the registry board and staff have worked hard to accomplish.  If you have questions about these improvements or have any other registry-related questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our registry board or staff members, or visit the registry page on our website.

IALHA Registration guarantees the purity and identity of each horse and accurately authenticates breeders and owners. Each horse pedigree in our Studbook is connected to the registry through verifiable documentation. This dependable, rigorous process safeguards the value that IALHA registration provides for our owner-members.