September 2023 Calendar photo

September 2023 Calendar photo

Meet Juncal DC, the star of the September page in the 2023 IALHA Calendar, beautifully captured by the talented equine photographer, Samantha Dawn. Hailing from the heartland of the United States, Samantha is a self-taught professional with a profound passion for horses that has spanned 23 years. Her work reflects the depth of her equine expertise, gained during her journey from horse owner and rider to equine photographer.

Samantha’s lens has taken her on journeys from coast to coast, and occasionally beyond international borders. Her equine photography has garnered recognition on both a national and international stage, gracing the pages of prestigious equine magazines in the United States and even making appearances in publications abroad.

Her ability lies in her ability to capture the full spectrum of equine beauty, from the untamed grace of wild movements to the serene moments that horses share with their human counterparts. Her commitment to correctness, whether it be the angles or body movements of her subjects, ensures that the horse always takes center stage.

In her career, Samantha Dawn has encountered a diverse array of horses through her lens, leading her to become acquainted with many breed standards and types. Her goal is to bridge the gap between the historical reverence and contemporary fascination surrounding these magnificent creatures.

Juncal DC, the subject of this captivating photograph, is a 2014 APSL-approved stallion, bred by Haras Dos Cavalieros, and owned and cherished by attorney Malinda Mata. The bond between Malinda and Juncal is extraordinary, as she not only owns and cares for him but also rides and trains him herself. Juncal’s journey is nothing short of a miracle, as he overcame a severe mishap that left him with seven broken vertebrae. Despite the odds, he stands today as a testament to resilience and the indomitable spirit of horses.

Malinda lovingly describes Juncal as her “angel with mane and tail,” and they reside at Yeguada de Mali in Waller, Texas. In the September page of the IALHA Calendar, Samantha Dawn’s lens has captured not just an image but a story of strength, connection, and the enduring beauty of horses like Juncal DC.

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