Youth Show Sponsorship


Youth Show Sponsorship

We recognize that youth are the future of our industry, as well as the importance of fostering the next generation’s love for Andalusians, Lusitanos, and equestrian sport. We also know that children benefit when given the opportunity to work with horses; they develop pride, confidence, empathy, and perseverance.

This is what has inspired the Youth Show Sponsorship Program at the 2022 IALHA National Championships.  

How it works:  Sponsors pledge to cover the expenses of all Youth Class Fees* that a Youth Exhibitor participates in at the show. The Sponsors and beneficiaries will be randomly matched from among all the Youth Exhibitors that participate in this year’s show.

Sponsors provide a credit card number or open signed check to be placed on hold with the show secretary. That credit card or check will be utilized at the conclusion of the show (or other arrangements may be made with the show secretary prior to the end of the Show).

This financial support could mean the difference for a youth member and their ability to participate in the show! And, since Youth classes are half price, sponsorship is even more affordable. 

We appreciate members Steve Kutie and Dr. Glen Cochran for suggesting the idea and committing to being among the first to pledge!

We hope you’ll participate too. If you were introduced to horses in your childhood and remember who fostered that interest, this is an opportunity for you to pay it forward!