2022 Election Results

2022 Election Results

Congratulations and welcome to all the newly elected/reelected members whose terms will begin in January 2023 (all two-year terms unless otherwise noted):

  • President:  Kaeli Dressler
  • Vice President (one-year term):  Cheryl Croasmun
  • Secretary (one-year term):  Jerry Beatty
  • Show Chair (one-year term):  Jody Sydow
  • Region 1:  Josie Croasmun
  • Region 5:  Dr. Corinne Stern
  • Region 7: Martin Perez (one-year term)
  • Region 7:  Courtney McDonald
  • At Large:  Michael Sydow
  • Registry Board (three-year term):  Kate Waddell

 They’ll be joining current board members:

  • Region 2:  Jennifer Sanchez
  • Region 5:  Jessica Daniel
  • Registry board:  Registrar Karen Sausman, Sharon Mohr, registry chair & Amy Star

No one ran for these positions which will need to be filled by appointment:  

  • Treasurer
  •  Registry board one-year seat, and
  • Audit Board members

**If you are willing to serve in this capacity or want to find out more, please contact Kaeli. A special BOD meeting will be held on Thursday, January 5th at 7:00 pm for this purpose. ** Look for the link in the next newsletter.
Outgoing Board members include:

  • Vice President:  Erica Peet
  • Treasurer:  Alex Dees
  • Region 1:  Amanda Latta-Portillo
  • Region 3:  Sandra Jacob
  • Region 6:  Lisa Adams
  • Registry Board:  Ann Wild

Volunteering to give your time and talent to the IALHA in addition to your career, family, social life, horses, and other volunteer opportunities is a generous act. 

So, a sincere thanks go out to everyone who ran for, is currently on, or is rolling off of the IALHA board of directors, an officer position, or the registry board.   Your service enables the IALHA to continue its mission and you are appreciated! Special thanks also to the Elections Committee for their work in conducting our 2022 elections!

There are roles for every member who would like to participate in the governance and work of the IALHA (whether you’re on the board or not!). Please reach out if we can interest you in joining a committee, helping to run a program, or work on projects or events. We can use you!