International Andalusian & Lusitano Horse Association

The International Andalusian and Lusitano Horse Association is a recognized affiliate of the USEF.

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The International Andalusian and Lusitano Horse Association fully supports the Safe Sport initiatives aimed at providing a competition environment free from sexual abuse, harassment and bullying. We believe that the IALHA members agree these goals are in the best interest of the sport, our youth and the entire equine industry.
As a recognized affiliate organization of US Equestrian, IALHA is subject to comply with the laws, rules and regulations that fall under US Equestrian’s jurisdiction. This is also reflected in our By laws. As such, IALHA is currently complying with Safe Sport measures including but not limited to reporting requirements, training requirements and suspension reciprocity.

The leadership of IALHA have been in close contact with US Equestrian (via regular teleconferences, and in person meetings held with the affiliates) as well as other organizations that have recently established committees to better understand the actual requirements per the Federal Law, and their impact. We are following the progress of these organizations in order to have the latest information available as we consider the options open to us..
As with any significant change, there has been much discussion as this Safe Sport policy is refined. Policy development naturally goes through a series of changes and amendments. A well established, efficient system takes time. The IALHA’s standard policy is not to communicate or respond to Social Media discussions.

IALHA leadership participates in monthly teleconferences with US Equestrian. The President and Vice President attended the US Equestrian Convention, Seminars and further break out sessions.
We want to stress that the IALHA Board is actively reviewing all information as we receive it. Please know that these issues are being seriously considered and evaluated. If you have specific questions or concerns, please relay them to the IALHA office or your regional director.
Until then, we hope that this page on our website will assist you with your education, training, and understanding of the “current” Safe Sport policy and your personal requirements.

USEF Breed and NON-FEI Discipline Committee

USEF and the IALHA work together for the enhancement of our sport and breeds.  The USEF Breed and Non-FEI Discipline Committees work to assist the USEF Board in preparing, recommending, submitting standards for conduct of competitions and rules for the conduct of all classes within their respective Breed/Discipline with specific attention called to any rule change(s) being proposed that were not endorsed by the respective National Affiliate, and any other issues that may arise. The Breed/Discipline Division Committees may be called upon by the USEF President for advice and counsel as to technical questions regarding the conduct of the classes in the Breed/Disciplines.  As an affiliate the IALHA is responsible for appointing 60% of the USEF Andalusian/Lusitano Rules Committee. The IALHA Affiliate President and the USEF Committee Chair nominate for appointment individuals selected with the following criteria:  Appointees should be thoroughly experienced in the work of the applicable breed or non-FEI discipline as an athlete, owner, trainer, coach, breeder, licensed official, or competition organizer within the applicable breed or discipline.  A portion of the IALHA appointees for the USEF Andalusian/Lusitano Rules Committee are required to be athletes. An athlete is defined as a competitor who has competed within the last 10 years at the IALHA National Show and has placed in the top 10. The IALHA currently has a committee of 11 members, 60% appointed by the affiliate and the remainder by USEF.