IALHA Lifetime Merit Awards

The IALHA Lifetime Merit Award Program is designed to establish competition goals to work towards, recognize members for their hard work, and encourage fun through exhibition by celebrating the accomplishments of a horse’s show career. Two different awards are offered.

El Premio de Merito

El Premio de Merito is awarded to a horse who earns the 200 points. The suffix “with distinction in [discipline]” will be added to the award name when a horse earns at least 85% (170) of the required 200 points in ONE discipline. (for example: “El Premio de Merito, with distinction in Working Equitation”)

El Premio de Oro

El Premio de Oro is designed to highlight versatility and awarded to a horse who earns the required 200 points in more than two (at least three) different disciplines, with no more than 75% (150) of the total points earned in just one. For example, if a horse has competed and earned points in Working Equitation, Western Dressage and Western pleasure USEF classes, or English Pleasure, Western Pleasure, and Halter, etc.